Why AIMSAIMS COLLEGE is located at Biratnagar. One can get degree in MBS, BBS , BA and B.Sc. CSIT and BHM affiliated to Tribhuwan University.

Few Words about us

Welcome to AIMS College, Biratnagar

AIMS, located in the heart of Biratnagar, provides a dynamic learning environment that combines intellectual growth and social commitment. With a focus on student support, AIMS offers a range of benefits, including scholarships, internships, hands-on technology training, and flexible teaching methods, making it an enriching experience for students of all backgrounds. The institution's innovative approach to education prepares students for success in the workforce and equips them with the skills necessary to lead fulfilling lives.



AIMS strives to provide a comprehensive education experience with a focus on intellectual and social development. With student-centered policies, practical opportunities, and diverse teaching methods, AIMS aims to empower students to succeed in their careers and make meaningful contributions to society.



AIMS envisions a future where its graduates are confident, well-rounded individuals equipped with in-demand skills and a strong sense of social responsibility. By fostering a supportive learning environment and providing hands-on experiences, AIMS strives to shape the leaders of tomorrow.



AIMS has a rich history of providing quality education to students from diverse backgrounds. Established with the goal of producing well-rounded individuals, AIMS has consistently evolved to meet the changing needs of students and society, ensuring its graduates are well-prepared for success in their careers.


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